Types of Wild Symbols in Real Money Online Slot Games

When you first play real money online slot gambling, maybe you only know one type of Wild symbol like admin. Previously, before placing real money bets on real money online slot gambling games , admins read information about the game and every time they definitely found a Wild icon. In this information, the Wild symbol functions as a substitute for other symbols to get a winning combination. But until here, the admin just found out that the Wild icon in this real money online slot game has various types and has their respective roles/functions.

6 Types of Wild Symbols and Their Functions in Slot Gambling Games

1. Multiplication Type

The first is the multiplication type, which is a combination of a wild and a multiplier. When online gambling judi slot online players get a winning combination with the help of multiplication, the prize they receive will be 2x/3x larger than usual.

2. Expansion Type

In addition, there is a thriving wilderness that greatly adds to the excitement of betting on real money online slot machine games. This type will evolve on the reels when acquired. With more than one Wild number, it will certainly help online gambling players win many combinations.

3. Stacked Type

The third sequence is stacked symbols, where icons are depicted as stacked symbols. This stacked symbol is not only a Wild icon, but other symbols as well. In real money online slot gambling games, stacked is even referred to as an alternative icon to get a winning combination.

4. Group Type

Then there is the Wild group which also makes it easy for online gambling players to win. The Wild group icon is a combination of the Wild realm with its other symbols. If there is a similar symbol as in the rowed Wild group icon, the player wins. On the other hand, this type differs from the others in that the Wild group only appears in free spins/respin sessions.

5. Sticky Type

Continue to the fifth type, some are sticky. This Wild type will remain in its position in the next round of games and make online slot gambling site players get another winning combination.

6. Movable Type

Moving is an extension of stickiness. The difference is, the sticky wild symbol will only last 1x in the next game round, while the moving wild can be 2x to 3x.

The Most Wild Money Online Slot Gambling Types

Just imagine that all these types of wilderness are in one online slot gambling game, surely players will win very easily. But sadly there is no such thing. But take it easy because the admin has recommendations for online gambling slot games that offer more than one type of Wild.

1. Slot Starburst

First there is the Starburst slot gambling which has 3 kinds of Wild symbols. The types of wilds available in this slot game made by Net Ent are expand, basic wild, and sticky.

2. Slot Sparks

The recommended online gambling slot game that offers several types of wild is the Sparks slot. This fantasy-themed game is exactly the same as the Starburst slot. This similarity is not surprising because the Sparks slot is also a game from Net Ent.

Thus a review of the types of Wild symbols found in the list of trusted online slot gambling sites . Hopefully the information that the admin provides can be useful for you. That’s it and thank you.