Twin River Casino Valets Officially Strike

In June the Twin River Casino in Rhode Island saw its food and drink employees walking out. For a short period of time on strike due to cuts to their healthcare plans. A few weeks ago casino valets were also preparing to face cuts in their healthcare offerings and announced a plan to strike. Valet officers officially went on strike Friday afternoon after failing to reach an agreement with the casino management.

Twin River Casino spokesman Patti Doyle stated that employees with the union went on strike Previous reports indicated that the strike would take place around 3pm yesterday. And it will be several hours before William Royce “Boz” Scaggs is set to appear at the casino. The employees actually walked out around 1:30 pm according to Doyle the negotiations were ongoing and the casino would continue to ‘negotiate in good faith’. With the union representing the valet parking attendants in a genuine effort to ascertain whether an agreement can be reached.

Twin River Casino Valets Officially Strike has been undertaken to continue guest satisfaction to provide valet parking services while officers participate in work The valets plan will go on a two-day strike in hopes of convincing casino management to stop cutting health care coverage.

The picket line is currently running according to the Providence Journal and will continue throughout the curfew until 7am on Sundays. Two days ago, both sides were able to agree on the language of job safety but health care planning is still a major issue to be resolved. According to Teamsters Principle Officer Matthew Maini, the casino plan would have a total deductible of $ 12,000 for family coverage in some cases too high for union valets to be able to handle while making $ 4.50 per hour plus tip.

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