The largest company is the Daewoo microwave maintenance.

The company is one of the largest maintenance companies in Egypt, since the company has been working in the field of appliance maintenance since 1985.The company has the largest fleet of mobile maintenance that covers the entire Republic to perform maintenance work at home, wherever it is, through a group of engineers and technicians trained and trained with the highest level of quality.The company also provides original and approved parts to ensure the highest level of product quality maintenance and provides the original spare parts at cost.The company is a leader in the maintenance of all electrical devices and makes sure to maintain your device efficiently and the maintenance center replaces the spare parts damaged by the original and this is not found in the maintenance of the non-certified and the The company makes sure to obtain the original. Parts with post-repair and maintenance.

The first maintenance experts in Egypt The engineers in the field of their work have been trained in specialized centers in the maintenance of honest work experience, engineers and technicians to keep all devices are trained to detect fault devices because we use what Last Possibilities in the markets and high technology in the maintenance of microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances. We distinguish ourselves from others because we are the first maintenance experts.

Experts specialized in maintenance, engineers, experts in the field of their work have been trained in our centers in the art of modern maintenance with the experience and the existence of a sincere work, engineers and technicians for the maintenance of all the appliances of your home They are a skill in the detection of fault devices because we use the latest possibilities in the markets and the high technology in the repair of household appliances. We changed a lot because we are the first maintenance experts in Egypt.

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Immediate maintenance in all domestic and electrical products with a selected elite of professional technicians trained at the highest level.And the integral maintenance of the device and the distinctive service that aims to satisfy the

We are working with the latest devices to locate faults and surpass our best engineers specialized in dealing with their high-tech devices.Provide repairs to DAEWOO in Egypt and provide maintenance within the house, and provide all the necessary maintenance parts and available to all our branches in Cairo and all the governorates of Egypt and announce the service areas that provide the reform. We will meet all over Cairo, our DAEWOO microwave maintenance specialist in some areas.

Commitment to the quality of the services we provide our clients to build a lasting relationship with the standards of the summit so that they are the only ones who feel safe, their direction, trust and strive to change the situation in Egypt for the maintenance that we observe. Mtabdlh trust with the client.