The best wastewater cleaning and disposal service

After a sewage spill, the first call should be to the CleanSafe Services, where Antoniou VOULIAGMENI can provide immediate assistance. Our specialists in emergency wastewater cleaning can respond at short notice and perform a detailed assessment of the damaged area. Wastewater spills not only look, they also pose a health risk. CleanSafe Services is also a member of the British Damage Management Association (BDMA), and has experts across the country to help you quickly.

The remedy to treat wastewater spills is quite similar for each spill. Very large spills will require the assistance of a vacuum tank truck that can remove thousands of gallons of wastewater and floodwater that, once completed, our team of technicians will eliminate the remaining waste, completely disinfect the area and our restoration team of floods will install drying equipment to ensure that mold and fungi do not develop and the “wet” smell with which we are all familiar is avoided.

We will keep you informed at each stage of the process and will deal with your insurance company or, if you prefer, we are happy to send all the paperwork directly to you.

Floods caused by flash storms and river floods can cause sewerage systems to become overwhelmed and become residential and commercial properties. Wastewater contains a of harmful substances that can cause severe damage to both buildings and their inhabitants, which affects the ability of companies to trade and even makes the properties uninhabitable if left untreated. If the entry of wastewater of any severity affects your property, it must be cleaned quickly by properly equipped and certified professionals.

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Ideal answer are these professionals. In the event that a property is flooded by sewage, APPEALS VOULIAGMENI can be on site within two hours. Our experts in wastewater cleaning adopt a structured approach to decontaminate, clean, clean and disinfect affected areas before applying the most advanced technology to ensure the total eradication of harmful microorganisms.