Popular television channels of Denmark

A list of Danish television channels. All the popular television channels in Denmark have been included. Currently, virtually all countries have their own set of television networks. Television originally evolved from radio, and until the last decades, virtually all television content was broadcast by air. Today, cable and satellite providers directly transmit much of what is seen. The programming can be created either at home or in a studio or other production facility that is sometimes directly related to the station. Television programs can also be imported (and exported) to other countries, often through syndication. While satellites and cables are currently the glory, air transmissions are not far behind as many countries are switching from analog to digital transmissions.

You will be responsible for contacting nordisk Danish TV channels and telling them that you need a TV license, if they do not contact you when you arrive. This must be done within 14 days of beginning to see any type of transmissions.

If you think you may be exempt from the license, you should contact DR Radio and defend your case. Anyone over 18 is eligible to pay, however, if you are retired, you can request a discount or exemption from payment depending on your

Please, do not try to avoid paying for a license to watch television in Denmark, as they do check and a heavy fine will be imposed if it is discovered that you cheat. The media license covers your TV, computers, radios, telephones and other streaming devices in your home, car and summer home. The use of a telephone or a computer outside your home is also fine and is not reviewed, but it is legal as long as you have a license.

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All Danish channels are restricted geographically abroad. Basically they use their IP address to determine their location. Any IP that is not originally from Denmark will be blocked to watch live or on demand content. This is true, however, you can play for yourself. You can hide your real IP address and it seems that you are browsing the web using a Danish IP address using a VPN application. It does not matter where you currently reside. Here we show you how you can broadcast Danish TV channels anywhere in the world with the help of VPN.