PokerStars Championship Host

Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort will be taken over by poker players this week when the PokerStars Championship action kicks off. The poker festival replaces the European Tour Grand Final, a major event of the European Poker Tour. The rebranding by PokerStars cut short this event and created a new PokerStars Championship offering. Starting April 25th, poker players will have access to over 70 events at Casino Monte Carlo the much-anticipated main event.

The PokerStars Championships will run from April 25 to May 7 and feature a good selection of poker games. One of the most anticipated events on the schedule will be the Main Event, which will have a purchase of € 5,300. The tournament will have two opening days, April 29 and 30, which award players 30,000 chips. Blinds will increase every 75 minutes during the two opening days.

Players who make it past the opening day will switch to compete from May 1 to 5 during the Main Event. The blind rate will increase during this time period of up to 90 minutes. On the final day, the blind level will start at 90 minutes and then start dropping to 75, 60 and 45 based on how long it took to complete the final table.

The hosts of the first PokerStars Championship will several major events for players to enjoy including the PokerStars Open and the PokerStars Cup. The Open will have a small purchase of € 220 with € 50,000 in prize money guaranteed up for grabs. The event will run from 3 May to 5. The PokerStars Cup will have a buy-in slightly higher than € 440 with € 220,000 in guaranteed prize money. The tournament is set to run from April 26 to 29.

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A full schedule of events with casinoidn with more travel and accommodation information, special offers and cash games can be found on the PokerStars Live website.