Online Casino opened by the Viking Group in Sanary Sur Mer

Department of Var of the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region in France the mayor of Sanary sur Mer Ferdinand Bernhard recently laid the groundwork. Symbolic for the foundation of a future casino slated to open on November 1, 2018.

G3 Newswire reports that Viking Casinos a subsidiary of the Viking Group will operate a casino of the future. Where that will be located on an area of ​​?? 4 hectares which is located adjacent to the Bois du Colombet. It is that in 2019, a crossroads will facilitate access between Toulon and Marseille. Construction is expected to take about a year, with an opening scheduled for November 1 next year.

The news agency further reported that the Viking Group, based in Falaise in Normandy, wanted to stand out from its competitors by building a facility that would blend in with the environment. For this reason, the casino will feature a green roof, wooden and stone terraces will be used for the walls, all meant to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

The total floor area of ​​the facility will be approximately 27,447 square feet, 5,381 of which will be used for games rooms; 6,027 square feet will house the theater; 1,937 square feet for the piano bar and 2,464 square feet will be used for the restaurant area, which will accommodate 96 people for inside dining and 60 for al fresco dining on the terrace.

Online Casino opened by the Viking Group in Sanary Sur Mer at least 35 cultural events per year, a trio of national shows. A hotel is planned within four to five years of completing the casino, at an estimated cost of € 8.3m (US $ 9,660,149).

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G3 Newswire reports that the estimated total cost of the casino hotel complex on build-out is € 30 million (US $ 34 858.59 million) and Stéphane Hourcastagnou will serve as the facility’s casino director.