Online Casino Laegend of Highlander Releases Microgaming Slots

Relive the Highlander and join the battle of the age as Microgaming brings this popular cult classic to their slot. Today marks the release of Highlander ™, a 5×3 reel slot game themed after the original 1986 film.Russell Mulcahy is a film director that quickly evolved into a cult classic when Christopher Lambert took on the role of Connor MacLeod, the swordsman with immortality MacLeod. face against The Kurgan, played by Clancy Brown, with the two facing out for the prize of immortality.

Microgaming is passionate about an authentic gaming experience, having used atmospheric artwork and classic footage to transport players to the film’s most iconic locations, from the Scottish Highlands of 1536 used in base play to the functioning skyline of New York. as a background for extra lap mode.

The original cast of the Highlander ™ film can be seen on the reels through the quality graphics, in an art style reminiscent of old movie posters. The 1980s soundtrack adds to the theme, making gameplay fun and enjoyable. The new slot game includes two wild features, so players have more ways to When two wolves are obtained in the base game, the sword blows are triggered, and the splinters turn wild. The wild function then increases the player’s winning potential.

Online Casino Legend of Highlander Microgaming Slots Release, you will be able to get 10 extra spins. Speeding Wild takes place during this round and with each spin, lightning can strike. If you see lightning, it will make the electric coils and crest run wild. Additional abundance can be found with more lightning strikes as you enjoy your extra spin.

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