Maintenance of all types of equipment

Where we are the specialized service and maintenance center in the repair and maintenance of all types of equipment of the company, since we have many engineers specialized in the maintenance of electrical appliances and electronics. Maintenance of microwave devices where the microwave repairs at home such as maintenance of televisions, monitors, refrigerators, washing machines. We have a service and maintenance center specialized in the maintenance of all types and diverse systems of repair of microwave devices where we receive complaints and reports of microwave failures through maintenance numbers.

We have experienced engineers in the repair of microwave faults, difficult and rare, whatever the degree of We have the solutions to make the microwave machine work with the same quality and efficiency as the first one. We have experience in the modification of circuits and imported microwave ovens if spare parts are not available in Egypt for rare types. Also, switch to the power supply from 110 volts to 220 volts and from 60 Hz to 50 Hz to adapt to local operating conditions. Our work hours extend throughout the day. We get failures in microwave ovens all week without holidays and even on holidays. You will find us there-

Our center is the largest microwave maintenance service in Egypt and has extensive experience in our field and we recognize that we have several innovative solutions to maintain all failures with the highest efficiency. The fastest maintenance service you find in Egypt. We receive it during the same day of the message or at the maximum of 24 hours that you find in your home. Where a microwave is fixed in the house. We also maintain televisions, monitors, refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves. Maintenance is carried out for all brands, including the best brands of microwaves and also Chinese and imported non-diffused equipment. We have a great experience in it.We are the microwave service and maintenance center specialized in the maintenance of microwave devices of all types and different faults.

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