Macau ATMs Featuring New Security Technology

In order to eradicate illegal cash flow from Mainland China, the Macau government has decided to implement new security technology at ATMs located near casinos in the gambling city. On Sunday the government issued a report stating that the new measures will be implemented in the future. Where the China UnionPay card holder must scan the identity card as well as complete the facial recognition scan before making a withdrawal from an ATM.

A specific time frame for the new technology was not by the government and in their statement regarding the matter. The comments said that no effort was being made to implement anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism regulations in Macau.

According to GGRasia Chief Executive of SJM Holdings Ltd Ambrose So Shu Fai . Media on Monday stated that changes to ATMs near casinos are expected to have minimal impact on their casino revenue. In his remarks to the media stated that he guessed that the changes would have minimal impact and after they occurred. They will be able to see if the ATM’s security features affect the mass market or VIP segments.

Macau ATMs Featuring New Security Technology A new security feature added is called ‘know your customer’ or KYC technology. Changes will be installed through the program which will run gradually. Pak So was asked when a casino operated by SJM Holdings would look at ATM upgrades and he stated that he did not know but the company would follow the guidelines by the Macao Monetary Authority in this matter.

According to Pak Jadi, he feels that those who hold multiple UnionPay cards may be affected, but the company’s experience shows that the junkets betting on their Online Casino are not multiple cardholders. The changes to Macau ATM machines come as the country’s officials propose changes to the anti money laundering law, which should help strengthen current regulations.

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