Definitive guide of 7 chakra colors.

From the base of the human spine to the top of the head, you can find seven chakras. They appear as energy wheels that run through the body. It is a crucial source of invisible energy in our bodies. Therefore, in the back of our, there is an arrangement of 7 chakra colors. They are followed as the colors of the rainbow, which include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

The colors of the chakras usually indicate the current emotional, spiritual and physical state of a human being. Therefore, they are vital for the human body. The chakra is composed of the main organs of the body and some bundles of nerves that flow throughout the body. Above all, there is a connection of colors and emotions of our body They are virtually in the form of a fluid, and if they are blocked and stop moving, the energy can not flow in our bodies. It is because there is an intimate connection between the spirit, the soul, the mind and the whole body.

If the seven chakras in the body become blocked, it can cause serious illness. All of them play an important role in maintaining a constant flow of energy throughout the body to prevent imbalance. The chakras continue to rotate according to the requirements of the body. We learn about the state of our body through different chakra colors. For example, if you see a particular color, such as green or orange, the body shows different emotions. The colors a surprising effect on our minds because when you look directly at the rainbow, there is a clear indication of calm after a massive storm. Therefore, we can refer to color as a universal language. Below is a clear explanation of the seven colors of the chakras, what they represent and their meanings.

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The survival problems related here with this color can include things like money, financial independence and basic things like food. Therefore, it represents the foundation of human beings and the crucial feelings in life, of being grounded.

Unlike other chakra colors, red means danger because it attracts more attention because of its intensity. It indicates our requirement of logic, physical strength and order. Above all, when you are in danger, wake up the flight response. In addition, the sense of smell of human bodies has a great connection.