Declaration of archaeological site in Vouliagmeni

kemarAPPEALS is one of the most beautiful places in Athens and one of its best kept secrets. Around 1,000 strata of wild and pristine slope, is a peninsular stretch between Vouliagmeni Lake and the Varkiza neighborhood. You can walk along its 8 to 10 kilometers of winding trails, contemplating the Saronic Gulf towards Aigina and the Peloponnese on one side and along the coast to Sounio on the other. The hawks turn on their heads, the partridges gather in the undergrowth and can sit under the eucalyptus trees, at the edge of chamomile with the smell of drowsiness, looking towards the small fishing boats that return to the

For many years, the fate of appeals was at stake. It would have been too easy for their rocky slopes to be looted for construction projects, transforming them into a more urban expansion by the sea. However, their future is now guaranteed, and in the last two years there has been an extensive afforestation program. There is even hope that it can become a much needed park for the southern suburbs of Athens. The mayor of Vouliagmeni, colorful and at times controversial, Grigoris Kasidokostas, has fought many battles to save APPEALS during his two decades in office.

“We have been planting trees there for the past 15 years, but we are faced with a host of problems,” he admitted. “In 1992, the government [of the New Democracy of Constantine Mitsotakis] tried to make bonds so that three hundred parliamentarians could build houses in APPEALS, we managed to stop that, but then there was pressure from the church and several businessmen. owner of 300 stremmata and wanted to develop hotels, but we changed local building regulations, so they could not move

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Normally, there are few people in the hills, although I have come to recognize the regulars: some runners and dog walkers, the occasional hunter who trains his dogs and, more rarely, a mountain biker. We are few to say hello, although the subtext written on our faces is: “Surely we are the luckiest people in Athens, who have access to such a virgin and beautiful place. Get more opportunity about APPEALS VOULIAGMENI visit our website.