Cherry AB officially Takes Over ComeOn Malta Limited

After agreeing to acquire the Malta online casino operator ComeOn Malta Limited in December. Swedish firm Cherry AB has now announced that the entire deal has been completed with a value of over $ 228 million.

Stockholm -registered Cherry AB , which is now Scandinavia’s third largest online gambling operator. Responsible for more than a dozen gaming domains including CherryCasino SunnyPlayer and SveaCasino and spent approximately $ 85 million. In July acquired a 49% stake in ComeOn Malta Limited before exercising options for the remaining shares of its smaller competitor in December.

Cherry AB revealed that it acquired ComeOn Malta Limited which holds an online game license from the authorities Malta’s Curacao UK and the German state of Schleswig-Holstein are funded from their own cash reserves at a price of around $ 136.88 million. The remaining amount came from $ 146 million raised last month through the issuance of guaranteed bonds.

Cherry AB officially Takes Over ComeOn Limited at the  end of March, Cherry Cl states that it will unify all of its consumer internet gaming activities under the new ComeOn! While continuing to carry out performance based marketing. Through Game Lounge concerns with handling technology development company XCaliber.

March also saw Cherry AB, which employs about 900 people, expressing concern Yggdrasil Gaming will continue to expand all its Online Casinos with its restaurant casino operated by subsidiary Cherry Spelgladje while ComeOn Malta Limited purchases are expected to triple its yearly. Revenues as high as $ 302 million.

“As a result of this strong acquisition and organic, Cherry AB is expected to double its revenue and become the Nordic’s third largest private sector gaming company,” wrote a December statement from Cherry AB. “This acquisition is also expected to provide a solid basis for continuing international expansion with strong brands.”

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