Benefits of Playing Magic Oak Habanero Slot Gambling

Magic Oak slot as one of the slot games included in the online slot launched by Habanero. This slot has an RTP of 98.07%. There is another thing about this Magic Oak slot, this game does not use paylines, but chooses to use the “Cluster Pays” mechanic. There is one bonus in the popular Magic Oak with the free spins feature call. This feature can be triggered by placing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the monitor screen.

Magic Oak RTP (Payout) and Volatility Slots

As players know, with the Magic Oak Slot having the most amazing 98.07% RTP, the odds move some players to evaluate the slot. However, you should be aware that these slots are high volatility offerings.

High volatility judi slot online tend to be the most effective because they have fewer wins than low or medium volatility slots. However, high RTP slots tend to have higher payouts, so they can be more fun for players to play!

We believe that this slot game is the best for players who can play for some time. This is because you can play for quite a while without winning a prize or triggering a bonus feature, which isn’t great for some on a budget.

Magic Oak Slot Slots Graphics and Topics

This game takes the topic of a magical forest with cartoon character graphics. The topic isn’t super original, there are hundreds of other jungle themed slots out there, but these are well thought out. The game runs in the forest and you will see grass, trees and fallen leaves when the game loads.

This scene occurs at night, until some of the trees and grass have a dazzling purple-pink glow. In the center of the monitor is the game symbol and behind it you will see two forest creatures wearing mystical outfits. All sets are very comfortable, but things get a little intense when the reels appear on the monitor!

The reels with wooden frames and backgrounds open, so you can see the forest as you play. However, secondhand monitors are pretty self-explanatory. Outside of the small control panel on the bottom of the monitor and the gaming badge, most monitors are blank.

With a display like that it definitely makes it easier for you to focus on the symbols on the reels. To be sure these symbols look just as beautiful as any other slot. You’ll see animations of jungle animals as the reels spin, including a wise bunny, changing cheats, and a cocky owl.

This slot game has several low paying symbols in the form of card numbers. These symbols look very important, which is unfortunate but not much different from other common online slots.

One of the best things about the graphics for the Magic Oak slot is the timing. As you play, the forest will slowly move from night to day. This means you can see the forest under the purple moonlight, but you can also see the orange leaves in the daytime. This certainly makes the game even more memorable and makes the Magic Oak Slot forest feel more alive and awesome.

Overall, players will be very impressed with the graphics of this slot gambling. Slot games almost look like animated children’s movies that show everything so interesting. Players will definitely love the comfortable jungle environment, although it’s unlikely that players will feel relaxed when the reels start spinning!

How to Play Magic Oak Habanero Slots

It’s easy to spin the reels of the Magic Oak Slot. You need to make sure that you set your bet level before starting to play. You can do this by using the control panel below the scroll. Just click – or + to change your bet until it equals the amount you expect.

  • How to Win Playing Slot Gambling

If you want to chase victory in this game, you must get at least three of the same symbols in a row. This can take a while as it is a very volatile game. However, you will be happy to know that this game pays both ways. That is, you can make wins from top left to right and right to left. Thus, allowing you to make 2x winning combinations which can be good news!

It is also important for players to notice that this game has low paying symbols and high payouts. Playing cards represent symbols with low payouts and appear on the reels regularly. Jungle animals represent high paying symbols and payout values ​​more than card symbols.

Players can collect two types of blobs while playing. These blobs can then be freed by the player in later games and now this is the case, some symbols will go wild. This will obviously make it easier for players to make a lot of wins while playing.

  • Bonus Features & Free Spins

Magic oak slot game has free spins. You can trigger this bonus round by getting a minimum of three scatter symbols corresponding to the reels. Now here’s the thing, you will receive multiple spins where more spins are awarded for longer combinations, which is quite fun. Players clearly love this feature of buying free spins , plus this feature can result in more than one win in a short amount of time.